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Sustainability @UGent
Ghent University (UGent) is a so-called ‘full university’ with 11 faculties (of which two engineering faculties) and more than 41.000 students and approximately 9.000 members of staff. The motto is ‘Dare to think’. In our sustainability vision it is emphasized that Ghent University wants to be a leading knowledge institute for a future that is ecologically, socially and economically sustainable within a local and global context. In this respect, we uphold three specific sustainability principles:
  • we create substantial support for sustainable development;
  • we integrate sustainability in our education, research and service;
  • we implement sustainability in our management and organization.

The supporting consortia at Gent University for EESD 2018, rooted in the two engineering faculties, are Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET) driven by the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and Centre Environmental Science and Technology (CES&T) managed at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering.

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Sustainability @ULg
Liège University (ULg) is a so-called ‘full university’ with 11 faculties (of which two engineering faculties), more than 23 000 students and approximately 5000 staff members, including 3300 researchers-lecturers.

In the environmental policy Charter, Liège University, its students, academic authorities, faculty and management staff are committed to play a leading role in environmental protection and use of teaching and research activities as leverage to promote better decision awareness, global vision and local action on the environment and sustainability. Among the commitments, one can find:

  • The development of innovative research regarding sustainable technologies and management methods ;
  • The strengthening of the awareness through education and example ;
  • The establishment of an appropriate management system, adequate training of members of the university community, as well as the information regarding the actions implemented and the results obtained concerning the environment.
Having the ambition to be certified ISO14001, Liège University has already realized its initial environmental analysis, including its carbon footprint.

The supporting consortia at Liège University for EESD 2018 includes the Faculty of Applied Sciences and the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech Faculty.

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Sustainability @KVAB
The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (KVAB) is an independent multidisciplinary society. The Academy is committed to society’s sustainable development goals through its network of professors, influential business leaders, artists and art experts. Analyzing the current challenges facing our society, the Academy aims to provide research-based policy recommendations to Flemish government, industry and organizations in order to promote informed decision making in areas such as energy, innovation and education.

Some recent highlights:

  • Thinkers Programme on climate change and water
  • Debate evenings on (renewable) energy
  • Publication on Corporate social responsibility
  • Publication on energy efficient residences
  • Publication on the chemical route to a CO2 neutral world
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