Previous EESD Conferences

EESD2016 – Building a circular economy together is the 8th in a series of international conferences aimed at knowledge sharing to enhance engineering education for sustainable development.

Previous EESD conferences were:

  • EESD15 - Cultivating the T-Shaped Engineer
    (Vancouver, Canada, June, 2015)
  • EESD13 - Rethinking the Engineer
    (Cambridge, U.K., September, 2013)
  • EESD10 - Learning for Transformation
    (Gothenburg, Sweden, September, 2010)
  • EESD08 - Bridging the Gap
    (Graz, Austria, September, 2008)
  • EESD06 - Engineering Education in Sustainable Development
    (Lyon, France, October, 2006)
  • EESD04 - Engineering Education for Sustainable Development
    (Barcelona, Spain, October, 2004)
  • EESD02 - Engineering Education for Sustainable Development
    (Delft, Netherlands, October, 2002)

The next EESD-conference would be organised in June 2018 in North-America.

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