List of Presentations

Oral Presentations
Below you will find the list of oral presentations in alphabetical order of the first author, mentioning the title of the paper, the session and the time of the presentation (as scheduled mid-July 2016).

There are 4 streams of sessions in parallel (please have a look at the ‘Programme in details’ for the title of each session)

  • A-stream is focussing on circular economy, design and resources; LCA for a circular economy fits as well into that stream;
  • B-stream is about ‘Outside the box thinking’; in other words, it is about these issues that are not common in engineering education;
  • C-stream is the core issue of all EESD-conferences: (barriers to) (innovative) teaching, while reforming programmes and curricula;
  • D-stream is have sessions grouped according to sectors and/or disciplines.

Each presenter will have 15 minutes for presentation, followed by max. 5 minutes of ‘Questions for clarification’. It will leave at the end of the session almost a half hour for interaction between the presenters and the audience. This discussion will be prepared by the session chair.

AuthorsTitle of the paperSessionTime
Attia, S.Introducing regenerative design and circularity into architectural and engineering curriculumA2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Attia, S. and Detroz, P.Flipped classes and enriched skeleton maps to foster deep and interactive learning in engineering educationC5Monday, 5/9 at 11 am
Barrella, E. and Watson, M. K.Developing a Cross-Disciplinary Sustainable Design Rubric for Engineering ProjectsA3Tuesday, 6/9 at 9 am
Belboom, S. and Léonard, A.Teaching of Life Cycle Assessment methodology to sensitize future engineers to sustainable developmentA5Wednesday, 7/9 at 9 am
Beyer, J., Singh, P. and Lorenz, W.Improving STEM and ESL Education in Nicaragua Using Modern Learning Tools and Energy TechnologiesB1Monday, 5/9 at 11 am
Biswas, W.K. and Rosano M.The value of Life cycle thinking: missing links in sustainability educationA5Wednesday, 7/9 at 9 am
Breukel, A., van Dijk, C. and Spee, K.The Relative Importance of Aesthetics in the Adoption Process of Solar Panels in the NetherlandsD1Monday, 5/9 at 11 am
Brinkman, S., Jansen, B. and Mulder, K.Sustainability degrees or Sustainability integrated in traditional disciplines: a strong argument for a golden mean and the rough journey to get there.C4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Byrne, E. P. and Mullally, G.Propagating an Integral and Transdisciplinary Approach to Sustainability EducationB5Wednesday, 7/9 at 9 am
Cappuyns, V. and Stough, T.Dealing with societal challenges of a circular economy in engineering educationA2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Conlon, E., Nicolaou, L. and Bowe, B.What Do We Know About EESD and How Do We Know It?C5Wednesday, 7/9 at 9 am
Dahlin J.-E.The merit of educational games in sustainability educationC1Monday, 5/9 at 11 am
de Eyto, A., O’Rafferty, S., McMahon, M. and Lewis, H.Preparing for the Circular Economy: the role of design and engineering education in Ireland in its implementationA3Tuesday, 6/9 at 9 am
Degré, A. and Castillo-Colaux, C.Training engineers to meet the challenges of a changing world: how a competency framework improves teaching programs and team cohesionD2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Desgroseilliers, J-F., Millette, L. and Carré, C.‘DDI 101 L’ingénieur, source de solutions durables’ - Developing a MOOC at Polytechnique MontrealC6Wednesday, 7/9 at 9 am
Du Bois, E. and Van Doorsselaer, K.Advanced Design for Sustainability - reflection upon a new teaching approachA4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Edvardsson Björnberg, K. and Skogh, I-B.KTH Student Perceptions of the Engineer's vs. Teacher's Roles and Wednesday, 7/9 at 11 am
Responsibilities in Contributing to Sustainable Development
Ekener, E., Albiz, N., Edvardsson Björnberg, K. and von Martens, D.Teaching Social Sustainability in an Engineering ContextB3Tuesday, 6/9 at 9 am
Ellis, N., Nesbit, S., Ostafichuk, P. and Sibley, J.A Sustainability Retrofit of Engineering Undergraduate Education – Phase 2C3Tuesday, 6/9 at 9 am
Eriksson, E., Pargman, D., Björklund, A., Kramers, A. and Edvardsson Björnberg, K.Sustainable development for ICT engineering students - “What’s in it for me”?D2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Fenner, R. A.Can teaching sustainability principles guide engineering design?C5Wednesday, 7/9 at 9 am
Franzen, D. and Gröndahl F.The pedagogical value of collaborative work and field studies in an Ecology course for engineering students.D4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Fredriksson, C., Petruccelli, L. and Beno, T.A Product-Centered Approach to Circular Economy in Design Education for EngineersA4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Fromberg, E.The role of higher education in shaping the future economyC1Monday, 5/9 at 11 am
Geusens, M. and Verhulst, E.Integration of ecodesign in engineering programmes through the application of the Ecodesign in Higher Education kit (EHE kit)A3Tuesday, 6/9 at 9 am
Guerra, A., Holgaard, J. E. and Smink, C. K.Barriers towards Sustainability Integration in Engineering EducationC1Monday, 5/9 at 11 am
Harsh, M., Kennedy, E. B., Bernstein, M. J. and Reifschneider, K.Immersive policy education & Science Outside the Lab: Preparing engineers & scientists to guide technological development in transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral environmentsB5Wednesday, 7/9 at 9 am
Holmberg, J., Larsson, J. and Andersson, D.Students guiding Societal transitions – examples from Challenge Lab at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, SwedenB2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Ibrahim, N., Metcalfe, M., Rezaie, R., Hoornweg, D., Evans, G., Drake, J., Despres-Bedward, A., Klassen, M., Luo, C., Moozeh, K. and Newfield, K.Engineering Education for Sustainable Cities in AfricaB1Monday, 5/9 at 11 am
Janssen, M., Nyström Claesson, A. and Stöhr, C.Evaluation of a MOOC on “Sustainability in Everyday Life” - The teachers’ experiencesC6Wednesday, 7/9 at 9 am
Jha, N. K. and Drennan, P.Green Power Generation: Computer Aided Design & Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of Wind TurbineA5Wednesday, 7/9 at 9 am
Johnson, G. R.Water, A Natural Entrée into Sustainability EducationD3Tuesday, 6/9 at 9 am
Jolly, A-M.Sustainable Development and Accreditation of French Engineering UniversitiesC3Tuesday, 6/9 at 9 am
Kordas, O., Pasichnyi, O., Pereverza, K., Mulder, K. F., Segalas Coral, J., Tejedor, G., Ivezić, D., Živković, M., Babić, M., Končalović, D., Gvero, P., Vasković, S., Vujadinović, R. and Nikiforovich, E.Building Capacities for Sustainable Energy in Municipalities of Western BalkansD1Monday, 5/9 at 11 am
Linden, K. G., Javernick-Will, A., Amadei, B., Klees, R. and Sandekian, R.Engineering in Developing Communities: Curriculum Development around Graduate Certificate and Professional MS ProgramsB1Monday, 5/9 at 11 am
Llaverias N. and Reyes G.Stakeholders versus education for sustainable development within the industrial engineer curriculum B2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Lundqvist, U.Reasons behind why some courses in environment and sustainable development are not appreciated by students and why some areC4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Lundqvist, U. and Svanström, M.Training Engineers for Handling Ethical Dilemmas in Sustainability ContextsB3Tuesday, 6/9 at 9 am
Minster, M. H., Mueller Price, J. and House, R.Design for Interdisciplinarity: the Home for Environmentally Responsible Engineering (HERE)D3Tuesday, 6/9 at 9 am
Nevens, F., De Clercq, M., Eeman, B., Haverbeke, E., Heyman, T., Van de Voorde, M. and Vansteenkiste, M.From “I teach, hence they learn” to “we learn to learn” Reflections on a sustainability course for industrial bioscience engineering students in Ghent, BelgiumD4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Nyström Claesson, A., Baumann, H. and Lanau, M.What happened to the Industrial Ecologist alumni? A survey of occupations, activities, competences and skillsC2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Pargman, D., Hedin, B. and Eriksson, E.Patterns of Engagement: Using a board game as a tool to address sustainability in engineering educationsB4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Pfennig, A.Internet Platforms for Education on SustainabilityC2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Pirard, E. and Fiorentino, R.From resource to process efficiency. Educating a new generation of georesources engineersB4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Pirard, E. and Sonnemann, G.Engineering education at the heart of the Raw Materials Value ChainA1Monday, 5/9 at 11 am
Rodrigo, R., González, M. I., Guerrero, I., Barrios, A., Gómez, A. and Gutierrez, P.Ecological urban vegetable gardens: INEA’s lifelong learning Project.D4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Sanchez-Romaguera, V., Dobson, H. E. andEducating Engineers for the Circular EconomyA1Monday, 5/9 at 11 am
Tomkinson, C. B.
Segalas, J. and Tejedor, G.Transdisciplinarity Action Research workshop for sustainable technology communitiesB5Wednesday, 7/9 at 9 am
Siller, T. J., Johnson, G. R. and Korte, R.Is there a role for interprofessional education (IPE) in the future of Engineering Education for Sustainable Engineering?C6Wednesday, 7/9 at 9 am
Sinha-Khetriwal, D., Leupschen C. and Fitzpatrick C.The E-Waste Academy for Scientists; Integrating Interdisciplinary and Global Dimensions for E-Waste ResearchersA4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Solgaard, A. and Stoknes, P. E.How and in what way can the use of expressive arts expand learning for sustainability in higher education?B2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Stanzione III, J. F., Wisniewski, C. M., Zalewski, N. J., Farrell, S. and Savelski, M. J.An Edible Education in Sustainable Development Part 2: Investigating Chocolate Manufacturing in a Laboratory-Based Undergraduate Engineering CourseD2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Stough, T., Ceulemans, K., Lambrechts, W. and Cappuyns, V.Sustainability assessment of higher education curricula: a critical reflectionC3Tuesday, 6/9 at 9 am
Strömberg, E., Sandberg, T., Egan, E-D. andIntegration of Sustainable Development in Education – Motivating a ChangeC4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Finnveden G.
Sundberg, C. and Ahlgren, S.Bringing a hot topic into the classroom – evolution of a workshop on the food vs fuel conflictA2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Takala, A.Learning for sustainable water and sanitation servicesD3Tuesday, 6/9 at 9 am
Tomkinson, C. B., Dobson, H. E., Sanchez-Romaguera, V. and Tomkinson, R.Educating Engineers to a Broader View of Sustainable DevelopmentB4Tuesday, 6/9 at 11 am
Trulsson, S., Franzén, D., Dahlin, J-E.Active Learning as a Supportive Teaching Method to Address Climate Change in Higher EducationC2Monday, 5/9 at 1.30 pm
Van Acker, K.Circular economy in engineering education: a disciplinary approach to an interdisciplinary challengeA1Monday, 5/9 at 11 am

Poster presentations
Below you will find the list of poster presentations in alphabetical order of the first author, mentioning the title of the paper. The posters will be presented during the breaks of the conference on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. In addition, the authors will have the opportunity to present their poster on screen in 5 minutes in the Green Auditorium on Wednesday, 7/9 at 11 am.

AuthorsTitle of the poster
Bechaouech, H. and Van den Bossche, A.Cost Effective Educational Test Set Up for Car Alternators
González-Barragán, M.I., Rodrigo, R., Gutierrez, P., Gómez, A., Barrios, A. and Guerrero, I.INEA-ECOLÓGICA: An Educational Project for Sustainable Development.
Léonard, G., Pfennig, A., Toye, D., Gommes, C., Lambert, S., Job, N., Léonard, A., Manfredini, T. and Dumont, M.-N.Integrated Project with Focus on Energy Transition and Circular Economy for Developing Engineering Students’ Soft Skills
Vargas, L. S., Mac Lean, C. A., de la Fuente, A. and Campos, J.Towards a Culture of Adopting Sustainable Energy at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Chile
Vijay, A.Approach & Practices for Life Long Learning in Engineering for Ecological Sustainability
Jensen, C. D.Wicked problem, Experience, Available-Resources, Solution innovation (WEARS) method for Advancing Personalized Learning in Sustainability
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