Programme in details

For opportunities in the social programme during the weekend (3-4 September 2016), please see click here

Sunday, 4 September 2016 (location: City Hall)

18h00 Registration

18h30 Welcome session in the Gothic Hall

Welcome on behalf of the City of Bruges
by Mrs. Mieke Hoste, Alderman for the Environment in the City of Bruges

Welcome to EESD 2016
by Prof. Bernard Mazijn, conference coordinator IDO vzw & UGent, Belgium

Engineering Education for Sustainable Development – Why Are We Here?
by Prof. Richard F. Vaz and Prof. Scott J. Jiusto, price winners EESD 2015
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States of America

19h30 Welcome reception in the Saloons of the City Hall

Monday, 5 September 2016 (location: HOWest and Concert Hall)

08h30 Registration

09h00 Opening ceremony in the Green Auditorium (HOWest)

Chair: Prof. Luk Van Langenhove, Director UNU-CRIS and Professor at VUB-IES

Opening address
by Prof. Bernard Mazijn, coordinator EESD2016
IDO vzw & UGent, Belgium

Major challenges to Engineering Education For Sustainable Development (EESD)
by Prof. Nicholas A. Ashford,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America

Building a circular economy and analyse the implications for engineering education
by Prof. David Peck,
Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

The context for sustainable higher education in Flanders
by Filip Colson, coordinator Ecocampus
Government of Flanders, Belgium

10h30 Break

11h00 Sessions in parallel for oral presentations (break-out rooms at HOWest)

Session 1 - Stream A
Chair: Prof. Gijs du Lain (UGent, BE)
Session 1 - Stream B
Chair: Prof. Richard Vaz (WPI, USA)
Session 1 - Stream C
Chair: Prof. Angélique Léonard (ULg, BE)
Session 1 - Stream D
Chair: Prof. Michel De Paepe (UGent, BE)
Special Workshop 1 (pre-conference registration mandatory)
EESD and Circular EconomyGlobal issues
Overcoming barriers for EESDEESD and EnergyWicked problem

12h30 Lunch

13h30 Sessions in parallel for oral presentations (break-out rooms at HOWest)

Session 2 - Stream A
Chair: Prof. Karel Van Acker (KUL, BE)
Session 2 - Stream B
Chair: Prof. Luk Van Langenhove (UNU-CRIS & VUB, BE)
Session 2 - Stream C
Chair: prof. em. Rietje Van Dam (LEI, NL)
Session 2 - Stream D
Chair: Prof. Iris De Graeve (VUB, BE)
EESD and Circular EconomyStakeholders in EESDLife Long LearningEESD & Discipinary Approaches

15h00 Break

15h30 Departure for the Concert Hall

16h00 Debate ‘Beyond the triple helix’

Moderator: Robby Berloznik, Research Coordinator Technology and Society at VITO NV

‘Beyond the triple helix’ refers to an interaction beyond academia, industry and public authorities: other stakeholders should and will be involved in the debate to formulate the expectations towards engineers and their education, in particular when ‘Building a circular economy together’.

Keynote, introduction to the debate
Prof. Walter Stahel
Founder-director of The Product-Life Institute Geneva (Switzerland)

Panel for the debate

  • for the industry: Guy Ethier (Senior Vice President, Umicore), Koen Sneiders (Recycling Manager, Derbigum), Geanne van Arkel (Head of Sustainable Development, Interface)
  • for the ngo’s, EEB: Leida Rijnhout (Director Global Policies and Sustainability)
  • for the trade unions, ETUC: Benjamin Denis (Advisor Industrial policy and Sustainable Development)

18h15 Network Reception (Foyer at the Concert Hall)

A first brief reflection from the floor regarding the statements by Jacques de Gerlache (Coordinator, The Greenfacts Initiative)

19h30 Dinner (Forum at the Concert Hall)

Tuesday, 6 September 2016 (location: HOWest and Greenbridge)

09h00 Sessions in parallel for oral presentations (break-out rooms at HOWest)

Session 3 - Stream A
Chair: Prof. Shady Attia (ULg, BE)
Session 3 - Stream B
Chair: Prof. em. Kees Vromans (HAS, NL)
Session 3 - Stream C
Chair: Prof. Jordi Segalas (UPV, ES)
Session 3 - Stream D
Chair: Prof. Peter Goethals (UGent, BE)
Special Workshop 2 (pre-conference registration mandatory)
EESD, Circular Economy and DesignEthical and social issues in EESDEESD: curricula, programmes and accreditationEESD and Water et al.Educational games in sustainability education

10h30 Break

11h00 Sessions in parallel for oral presentations (break-out rooms at HOWest)

Session 4 - Stream A
Chair: Prof. Adam de Eyto (UL, IE)
Session 4 - Stream B
Chair: Prof. Scott Jiusto (WPI, USA)
Session 4 - Stream C
Chair: Prof. Karin Edvardsson Björnberg (KTH, SE)
Session 4 - Stream D
Chair: Prof. Aurore Degré (ULg, BE)
Special Workshop 3 (pre-conference registration mandatory)
EESD, Circular Economy and DesignSocial Responsibility in EESDEESD and student evaluationEESD and BiosciencesSocial innovation

12h30 Lunch

13h30 Departure for Greenbridge

14h30 Presentations of the Local Academic Partners (UGent, ULg, VUB, ULB, KUL)

Moderator: Dr. Chris Blommaert (Technum, Tractebel Engineering)

16h00 Break and technical visit in Greenbridge

17h30 Departure for Bruges

19h00 Belgium Night with beer tasting, food bar and cover band

Wednesday, 7 September 2016 (location: HOWest)

09h00 Sessions in parallel for oral presentations (break-out rooms at HOWest)

Session 5 - Stream A
Chair: Prof. Naoko Ellis (UBC, CAN)
Session 5 - Stream B
Chair: Mrs. Nadine Gouzée (FPB & CoR-EU)
Session 5 - Stream C
Chair: Prof. Pritpal Singh (VILLANOVA, USA)
Session 5 - Stream D
Chair: Prof. em. Rietje Van Dam (LEI, NL)
EESD, Circular Economy and DesignEESD and TransdisciplinarityWhat is at the core of EESD?Innovative teaching

10h30 Break

11h00 Plenary session for oral presentations (HOWest, Green Auditorium)

Chair: Nadine Gouzée (Honorary Member Federal Planning Bureau & Full Member Club of Rome - EU Chapter)

11h00 Short presentation (5’) by authors of posters

11h45 The SULITEST: a Global Assessment of Sustainability Literacy in Higher Education by Aurélien Decamps
 (Assistant Professor at KEDGE Business School & Academic Coordinator of the SULITEST)

12h30 Lunch

14h00 Closing ceremony (HOWest, Green Auditorium)

Chair: Bernard Mazijn, IDO vzw and UGent

  • Main findings of the Session Streams, short summary by the stream coordinators
  • Building a circular economy in practice

    presentations by our private sector partners:
    • Koen Sneiders
      Recycling Manager, Derbigum
    • Geanne van Arkel
      Head of Sustainable Development, Interface
  • Winners of the Leo Jansen Price and the EESD2016 Price (best paper and presentation; best poster)
  • Announcement of EESD 2018

16h00 Goodbye afternoon drinks

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