It is a privilege to organise the 8th Conference on ‘Engineering Education for Sustainable Development’ from 4-7 September, 2016 in Bruges, Belgium (EESD 2016). Organising an EESD is as well an engagement in contributing to sustainable development.

Being involved from the start of this series of conferences, we have seen maturing the understanding of the 7 W-questions. What is EESD all about? Where is EESD taking place? Who is a champion in EESD? How is EESD implemented? Why is EESD important? What if EESD doesn’t work out? To whom is EESD adressed?

Attending an EESD-conference these days, allows you to have a better understanding, to contribute to the further development and to get feedback from colleagues on your own practices.

Each of the conferences has been focusing on a theme. EESD 2016 addresses the challenge of ‘Building a circular economy together’ by analysing the implications for engineering education. Furthermore, at the conference – under the heading of ‘Beyond the triple helix’, beyond an interaction between academia, industry and public authorities – the involvement of other stakeholders in formulating the expectations towards engineers will be debated.

You are very much welcome to join us at EESD 2016 in the beginning of September 2016. Hopefully we can meet in Bruges, Venice of the North!

On behalf of the organisers,
Bernard MAZIJN, coordinator

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The proceedings of EESD2016 are published. The conference is as well reflected in pictures. See under Projects.

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  • Final programme published

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